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Science Curriculum Intent

In Science, we plan, sequence and adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of all our students. By considering the different starting points of all our new students, we aim to deliver lessons that are engaging and challenging. During their journey in science, we would like our students to develop a great interest in learning new aspects about science and to be enthusiastic about the three disciplines of science taught. Students will develop their communitive, analytical and scientific problem-solving skills that they will encounter during their school career and beyond. During our lessons, we aim to maintain the awe and wonder our subject offers to our students by bringing real life situations to our classrooms.

At Key Stage 3, all areas of science are studied that continue to Key stage 4. The Key Stage 3 curriculum serves as a foundation for content that will be covered in Y10 and Y11. At Key Stage 4 we offer our students the opportunity to follow the separate science, or a mixed ability combined science curriculum. The mixed ability classes in combined science ensure that all abilities of students are challenged during lesson time. In Y10 and Y11, Science is taught by specialist teachers where a student will have a teacher for each discipline. Our broad and enriching Key Stage 4 curriculum ensures that our students are provided with sufficient opportunity to continue with science at A-level or IB.

All our science lessons take place in modern labs that have interactive whiteboards. With us having excellent facilities, it enables our students to effectively complete practical’s developing their scientific enquiry skills.

Literacy Intent statement

Scientific literacy is important because it helps in making informed decisions, assists in a better understanding and use of scientific terms, as well as helping with promoting and achieving scientific literacy. In our department, we achieve this by ensuring that all students are exposed to specific scientific keywords in every lesson. Students are given an opportunity to expand their literacy by completing an extending writing task per half term at KS3 where specific focus is placed on the command words used in the task. When students reach KS4, their improved scientific writing skills would be transferred and applied to questions that require practical writing skills and general 6-mark questions.

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