St. Columba's Catholic Boys' School


SEN Department

All students are carefully monitored through the department. Year 7 are tested on arrival to the school and regularly reviewed if their reading age falls significantly below their chronological age.

Identified students are set regular targets through a structured programme of learning, supported in class by Teaching Assistants. They are given suitably differentiated tasks to ensure their progress is maintained. There are a variety of methods used so that all pupils, no matter what their level, can achieve their full potential. Statemented pupils are reviewed regularly.

The school has regard for the revised Code of Practice. It follows a Curriculum Support Policy and Action Plan, which ties in with overall strategic planning of whole school developments.

The Mission Statement recognises the need to realise the full potential of every student. Thus we need to identify children with Special Needs and provide appropriate provision for these students. The spiritual and moral needs of students are fully integrated in our approach to their learning and social development.

Higher Ability Students

Higher Ability Students need high expectations which extend the quality of their work. Each department approaches these students in the most appropriate way to enhance their learning.

The school follows a simple but effective policy which is in tune with the Vision` Statement and with the commitment to raising the achievement of all students in its care. There are an extensive range of extra curricular activities for students too